The PPO Negotiation Quick-Start Guide
" A Simple Step-By-Step Process That Will Help You Analyze, Prepare, And Negotiate Your PPOs!"
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Inside of this free guide, we'll cover...
  • Step 1: Understanding PPO Participation & Your Current Reimbursements
  • How to verify and collect your current PPO participation per doctor
  • How to receive and document your actual fee schedule reimbursements
  • ​Comparing and repairing UCR vs reimbursement discrepancies
  • Step 2: The 3 Top PPO Negotiation Tactics
  • How to ensure your don't waste time on the wrong procedures
  • How to approach the PPO negotiation process
  • ​How to compare offered received from PPOs
  • Step 3: How To Maximize Your Negotiation Opportunities
  • How to ensure your PPO offers are competitive for your area
  • How to minimize optimization risks and maximize benefits
  • ​How to calculate your return on your investment from PPO negotiations