The PPO Credentialing Quick-Start Guide
" How to Start Your New Practice with competitive prices and credential with PPOs On high reimbursements! "
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Want To Know the 3 simples steps that we've used to credential thousands of doctors on optimal PPO reimbursements? Then Get Your FREE copy of the Dental Practice Start-Up Guide!

Inside of this free guide, we'll cover...
  • Step 1: How To Competitively Price Office Fees For Your Area
  • ​The impact of billing competitive office fees
  • ​How to find out what other practices in your area charge for their dentistry
  • ​How to decide what you should charge for your office fees
  • ​Step 2: How To Ensure You're Credentialed With The Right PPOs
  • How to conduct market research help when selecting your PPOs
  • ​Reviewing your competition in the PPO space
  • Identifying the major PPO insurance companies in the USA
  • ​Step 3: How To Maximize Profits And Receive High PPO Reimbursements
  • The most common mistakes new practices make and how to avoid them
  • ​How to ensure your PPO fees are competitive for your area
  • ​How to minimize the risks and maximize the benefits of PPO participation
  • ...AND so much more!
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